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More Dry And Sour Than Your Mother In Law Saison

Mother in Law Saison Label-Award_WEB.jpg

Yes, we know, not all mothers-in-law are dry and sour. Some are actually quite tolerable, maybe even sweet. But you know what we mean. Originally an old farm house beer, it is brewed in a traditional Belgian style with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops and spiced with coriander, orange peel and grains of paradise. Thanks to the special yeast, it is dry like English humor. Or your mother-in-law.

Alcohol by vol. 4,7 %  |  Bitterness: 40 EBU  |  Color: Blond  |   Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Tight Lipped Dry Humored Why So Serious Nordic Berry Sour

Tight Lipped Sour Label-Award_WEB.jpg

Bury the smile in your ass is a beautiful Finnish phrase that warns of the dangers of excessive happiness. We at the Flying Dutchman Nomad Brewing Company frown upon such advice and encourage broad smiles. Even if there's shit on the marble. Can you keep your lips relaxed while the beer is so sour it hurts your gums and makes you feel like you're eating fresh rowanberries, bilberries, and cranberries? Remember this is a positive pain and keep grinning like crazy. If we go back down with another Finnish expression, we're sure you know what the fox said about the rowan berries. That's right. Acid.

Alcohol by vol. 4,5 %  |  Bitterness: 20 EBU  |  Color: Red  |   Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Rose Hipped Hibiscus Dipped Flower Power Funky Sour

Rose Hipped Sour Label-Award_WEB.jpg

What's up with this name? And a pink label! Man, this has to officially be the girliest looking beer ever. But don't be fooled, this baby is really a funky sour. It is brewed with pilsner and wheat malt and with fresh rosehip juice in the brew kettle. The beer matures on hibiscus flowers and French oak chips. The extra dry-hopping with Nelson Sauvin hops makes it complete. The result is a very fine, refreshing beer with beautiful flavors from carefully selected ingredients. It's amazing the hard work it takes to create something so subtle!

Alcohol by vol. 4 %  |  Bitterness: 20 EBU  |  Color: Roze  |   Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Gosh It's Posh Elderflower White Wine Sour

Posh Sour Label-Award_WEB.jpg

In the wonderful wide world of craft beers you will find many testosterone-filled macho brews. And then there are beers that are “oh mine so fine” that they almost fall into the wine category. As you might have guessed from the name: Gosh it's Posh Elderflower White Wine Sour, this beer is brewed with white wine grapes and elderflower. This results in a delicate beer that is a bit snobbish but barely hoppy. The chic fresh taste fits perfectly with the soirees, matinees and other chic occasions that you often visit. Or get some now: put it in your underwear and be who you are.    

Alcohol by vol. 5,6 %  |  Bitterness: 20 EBU  |  Color: Blond  |   Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

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