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NoMad Story

Ronald de Waal aka the Flying Dutchman is a true NoMad brewer. With more than 20 years of brewing experience under his belt Ronald is one of the torchbearers of the craft beer movement. He has brewed beers in Finland, Holland and Belgium, partnering always with the best craft breweries. He loves to roam the road from one brewery to another and dream exciting new beer recipes. He loves the freedom of the road and freedom of choice. Cheers for that! 



He Was A Mermaid. Now He Is The Flying Dutchman.

If there ever was a man fit to be a nomad brewer that is Ronald de Waal. He is a soul searcher, traveller of the earth, constantly moving, exploring and observing.


Ronald is a true nomad brewer. Or to be more precise, a NoMad brewer. First time you meet Ronald you are struck with a zen-like aura. He smiles, looks you in the eye and you instantly feel at ease. He is content, happy man doing what he loves the best: great beers with great freedom.



It Takes A Long And Winding Road To Become A Nomad Brewer

Back in the late 80’s Ronald studies food technology in Holland and gets a training gig at craft brewery called De Raaf. He is then asked to join the company as a brewer and spends fruitful year and a half with them.


Then a pretty blonde appears. Ronald throws everything away and moves to Finland. Alas, it’s early nineties and nobody has heard of the craft beer boom. There are no jobs for a Dutch brewer.


Fortunately Ronald is a handsome fellow with pretty long hair so he lands a job as a mermaid in amusement park.  Not a wet dream for a brewer but pays the bills.


The market lacks interesting beers so Ronald decides to create one. It’s 1994 and the beer, which is still fondly remembered by aficionados is called Bergzigt. It’s stronger than hoppier than anything in the market.  Finns are amazed, can beer taste like this? Bergzigt is brewed at De Raaf and De Hemel breweries in Holland giving Ronald first taste of nomad brewing.


1997 Ronald works for a small craft brewer in Espoo, Finland developing new recipes. He feels he is ready for the big league and founds Diamond Beer Brewing Company. The nomad brewing continues, this time in Belgium. Ronald becomes trendsetter developing and introducing new beer styles to Finns. He is even officially awarded for his work and influence for Finnish beer culture. Besides creating own products Diamond Beer becomes the leading importer of specialty beers introducing over 1000 new beers from all over the world to Finns thirsty for new experiences. Diamond Beer becomes successful and is sold 2008. Ronald spends the next two years as a business developer.



Adios To The Corporate World

Life is getting too corporate and the call of the road stronger and stronger. Ronald jumps into his camper van and follows his heart across the Europe and North Africa. It’s time to watch the stars and enjoy life. Few years pass and a plan starts to evolve. Ronald decides to do what he loves best, brew great beers with great freedom. He becomes a true nomad brewer.



The Flying Dutchman Rises Again

The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. Ronald de Waal is a nomad brewer that can never make boring beer and is doomed roam the breweries forever.


First beers from The Flying Dutchman NoMad Brewing are here for you to enjoy. Plenty more will come. They are all crafted with love. Cheers!

Ronald, the NoMad brewer
The NoMad camper in a beautiful fjord in Norway
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