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Flower Power hippy dippy all things pretty American Amber. Brewed with hibishcus flowers by The Flying Dutchman Nomad brewing company.

The sixties are gone but it’s still always a good idea to turn on, tune in & chill out (the beer). This peace loving American Amber is brewed with Centennial, Galaxy, Mosaic and Tettnang hops and then matured on a bed of Hibiscus flowers. Yes you read right. Hibiscus! That makes this officially the prettiest beer ever brewed. The beautiful reddish colour comes from the dark malts and red flowers. You’ll feel the fresh hop character with

touch of citrus and passion fruit flavours. We’ve focused on the last edition kettle hopping

for intense hop flavour impact. It’s flower power baby!

The World Beer Awards in London 2016, Design Award Belgium Gold  |  The Beer Awards in London 2017, 3 Star Award

Alcohol by vol. 4,7 %  |  Bitterness: 50 EBU  |  Color: Reddish  |  kCal. per serving: 35  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Strong Minded brave hearted bold as love India Pale Lager. Brewed as a lager hopped as an ale.

It is a bold move to marry IPA and Lager and create something that is seemingly uncomplicated yet remains uncompromising. The result is world’s first IPL, brewed as a lager, hopped like an IPA. The old and new world hops Chinook, Mosaic, Hallertau Blanc, Tettnang and Citra work in perfect union to create a bold but loving flavour profile; refreshingly clean lager taste with beautifully aromatic hops.  What a great session lager this is! Yes, you can be simple. But not stupid.

The Beer Awards in London 2017, 3 Star Award

Alcohol by vol. 5,2 %  |  Bitterness: 50 EBU  |  Color: Golden  |  kCal. per serving: 42  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

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