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Nuts Freezing frost biting tongue on frozen ploe winter ipa. award winning IPA brewed for the winter

It’s dark, your nuts are freezing, thumbs numbing, brain frozen, icicles hang on that hipster beard. In short, it is a typical Finnish winter day i.e. a perfect opportunity to crack open a cold beer. This fresh Winter IPA with citrus and pine flavors completely supports the frost bites in your fingers while the malty body gives a good base to carry all those Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops. So have a sip and stick that tongue out and lick that frozen lamppost. It does look tempting, doesn’t it? Dare you! 

Alcohol by vol. 6,0 %  |  Bitterness: 70 EBU  |  Color: Copper  |  kCal. per serving: 50  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Hello darkness my old friend black winter ale. Brewed with orange peel and cardamon

It is dark like the darkest hour, pitch black like Helsinki on December night when the light nothing but a vague memory of the summer long gone. The time has come to accept the inevitable and embrace the winter. But all hope is not lost, like an old friend this dark ale brewed with orange peel and touch of cardamom and hopped with Amarillo, Centennial and Citra will bring you comfort and shine the light towards the better times. Summer is coming.

Alcohol by vol. 4,5 %  |  Bitterness: 45 EBU  |  Color: Black  |  kCal. per serving: 35  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Witching Bitching Funny Bunny Spring ale. Brewed with orange peel, coriander and lemon grass. brewed for Easter season.

Oh Spring! The lovely time when the nature wakes, bursts alive and pale people appear from their dungeons. Witches work their magic, bunnies keep busy doing what they do the best. Oh Spring! Ding a ling! The abundance of light has made Ronald little cuckoo too. Too much sun in his head and here you are with this bitching Belgian Ale spiced with orange, coriander and springly hopped with Simcoe, Tettnang, Centennial and Citra hops. Pour it to celebrate the joy of life with your favourite witch, bitch or funny bunny!

Alcohol by vol. 5,3 %  |  Bitterness: 45 EBU  |  Color: Golden  |  kCal. per serving: 45  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Mushroom Picking Ass Kicking Matsutake Ale. A special beer brewed with chanterelle and matsutake mushrooms whuch are picked in Lapland, Finland.

Funking fungi! Ronald has gone mushroom picking the Japanese French style. Well, as they say sake-wa honshin-wo arewasu or in more western slang: the alcohol reveals the true heart. Which in this case seems to be mushroom picking and ass kicking kind. C’est la vie as the French say. This delicious ale comes forward with funginculous taste of Matsutake and Chanterelle mushrooms. It’s hopped with European Noble hops. Kanpai! Salut!

Alcohol by vol. 7,0 %  |  Bitterness: 45 EBU  |  Color: Bronze  |  kCal. per serving: 63  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

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