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After many months of planning, thinking, and photographing, we are happy and proud to show our new webshop to you!

Covid has changed the market drastically in 2020, something nobody could expect this would happen to the whole world at the same time. Also, our business was heavily influenced by the pandemic. Horeca had to close in nearly all our markets.

For this webshop, we had to start up a separate business in Holland. This process took a lot longer than we expected. At first, we will focus on Dutch consumers and optimize the webshop for Holland.

In our webshop, you can order single products, make a collection yourself, or pick up a ready selected box when you want to have it easier. We have made different kinds of mix boxes, based on people's preferences. Also, our special beer glass is available online!

I hope you will enjoy our shop and that you feel inspired to do your first order!


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