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One of the major newspapers in Holland, De Volkskrant, published an article about the best tasting alcohol-free beers on the Dutch market. We are proud to tell you that our "Freak Kriek Zero Point Three Feel Free Merry Cherry Beer" was one of the six best-tasting beers!

The sales of alcohol-free beers have been growing fast during the last 2- 3 years. Consumers are more conscious about their health and drinking less alcohol is part of that. Eating healthier, exercising more often, and drinking less alcohol or no alcohol at all is a new trend that is here to stay.

There is a lot of choices nowadays when you want to drink a beer without alcohol. You can choose between lager, pils, sours, porters, stouts, and even fruit beers. Our Freak Kriek is brewed with cherries and has a little sweetness in the taste and a hint of sourness in the aftertaste. So a real exclusive specialty beer you can say!

Freak is great in the summer on a terrace, or in the winter paired with pancakes. Or what do you think about a piece of cherry cake and a glass of Freak Kriek? Wow, sounds lovely to me!


Ronald de Waal

#alcohol-free #craftbeer #non-alcoholic


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